Balancing elixir 
Gold Balance+

100 ML / 3,3 FL OZ E
100 ML / 3,3 FL OZ E

Elixir of colloidal gold has a deep effect on a person's cells and tissues:
- detoxification;
- regeneration;
- hydration;
- boosting of skin's tonus;
- rejuvenation;
- transportation of useful substances in the deep layers of the skin.
Ingredients: distilled water, gold 999°.
To be applied in the morning and in the evening on clearned skin of face and body.
For external use only.
  • Serves as an agent for active components in cosmetic products.
  • Attracts and holds molecules of water, facilitating deep hydration of skin.
  • Stimulates and normalizes collagen and elastin, which slows down aging and increases skin's tonus.
  • Has an antioxidant effect impact on cells.
  • Egests toxins.